Organizational Pricing Features

  • Tier 1

    $4.75 per User

    • Implementation Planning Guide

      The Implementation Guide provides guidance to organizational staff on how to integrate the students' use of STEMadium into their larger educational programming of the organization

    • Educator's Guide

  • Tier 2

    $4.50 per User

    • Technical Support

      Organizational staff receive technical support within 2 business days when requested online

    • Tailored Implementation Planning Guide

      dfusion staff will conduct a meeting with organizational staff to create an implementation guide customized to the organization's needs and educational objectives

  • Tier 3

    $4.00 per User

    • Facilitator Virtual Training

      The 60-minute live, instructor-led training will prepare facilitators to implement STEMadium at their site, from enrollment to completion

    • Priority Technical Support

      Organizational staff receive, same business day service, requested by phone or online

    • Game Player Usage Reports

      Reports of player's (by ID number) game progress will be generated upon request for organizational staff

Simplify your implementation with pre-loaded tablets:

Additional $149 per user

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